The Chief
Portrayed by JWS
Appearances Cop Earlier
Chief Cop Always
Chief Ride Along
Occupation Chief of Cops
Affilitations Cops

The Chief is the chief of the Cops.

Life as a CopEdit

As Chief, he tends to fill out paperwork and drink coffee. Sometimes, though, when all the other Cops are on vacation, he has to take to the streets and close cases with his own hands. He single-handedly took down the entire gang of The Samurai. He likes for people to finish what they started. He has a tight relationship with his star Cop, Giggle Cop.


Although out of practice, The Chief is still a skilled physical fighter. He frequently uses any tools at his disposal to take down his foes, including water bottles, power strips, and even his enemy's own weapons. He is also good at chokin' people.


The Chief is snappy and upbeat, but can be incredibly serious and rugged when necessary. He seems to not like paintings.


The Chief wears

  • Yellow windbreaker
  • Sunglasses (cause he's a cop)

Appears inEdit