DSC 0136
Portrayed by KLM
Appearances Bitch Punch Dust
Occupation Boxer? Soldier? ??
Relations The Wizard - War buddy

Stomper is a character in the Shit Cops universe who is some sort of boxing champion.


Stomper is very good at punching, but seems to only know how to use his hands to punch, and must punch in order to do any other task that requires his hands. He speaks in a strange accent. He was apparently a soldier or pilot in several wars, where he served alongside The Wizard. He lives in a small shack in the middle of the woods. He also seems to be very proud of his fashion sense. He sees everyone as a challenger.


Stomper has super-human punching strength, which seems to come from his helmet. He is even shown to be able to resist The Wizard's magic spells. He can apparently punch most things into dust, and even into Wizard Dust.


Stomper wears

  • Goggles
  • Bright red sparring gear (helmet, gloves, shoes)
  • A red shirt and a red striped scarf (just another shirt)
  • Very fashionable black pants


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