The movies in the Shit Cops Now Universe are not presented in any specifical chronological order. They are all kinda all over the place. This should hopefully clear some Shit up. I mean, I guess this is just my interpretation but I just always assumed everyone got this out of it.

Before SCNEdit


Young Blazer & Snowman

Sometime before SCN, Blazer and Snowman caused and/or witnessed the death of La Sombrerbra. (Dead Guys Before) After she died, The Wizard stole her body and tried to take it to his old friend Stomper to convince him to punch it into Wizard Dust. (Bitch Punch Dust).

At some point after this, El Sombrerbro discovered that his sister La Sombrerbra was dead, and sought revenge on those who done killed her all dead.

Shit Cops NowEdit


El Sombrerbro gets his revenge

After apparently hiding out in a Secret Meeting Spot for some amount of time, Blazer and Snowman are finally found by El Sombrerbro, who they recognize only with his sombrero on. After they fight, El Sombrerbro kills them and is arrested by Giggle Cop. He accepts his fate, stating that he's had his vengeance and is giving up his life of crime. (Shit Cops Now)

Additional Cop AdventuresEdit

Giggle Cop and his chief, The Chief also have their own cop fun action stories, taking down gang leaders like Red Face (Cop Earlier) and The Samurai (Chief Cop Always).