Giggle Cop
Portrayed by GEG
Appearances Shit Cops Now
Cop Earlier
Occupation Cop
Affilitations Cops

Giggle Cop is a cop. He devotes his life to arrestin' people.

Life as a CopEdit

Giggle Cop has a very tight relationship with his chief, The Chief. They share a bond similar to close family members. He has a license to kill, because he's a Cop. During his time as a Cop, he has taken down the criminals El Sombrerbro (arrested!) and Red Face (killed). Giggle Cop loves being a Cop.


Giggle Cop is brash and loud and yells about arresting people. He seems to like paintings.


Giggle Cop is a skilled physical fighter with the ability to arrest pretty much anyone / everyone.


Giggle Cop wears

  • Blue windbreaker (cause he's a cop)
  • Sunglasses (cause he's a cop)
  • Yellow gloves

Appears inEdit