Dead Guys Before
Filmed 2011
Starring JWS - Snowman
KLM - Blazer
PAK - The Wizard
SAR - La Sombrerbra
Preceded by Chief Cop Always
Followed by Bitch Punch Dust

SCN4: Dead Guys Before is a prequel to Shit Cops Now. It tells all about that one time when Blazer and Snowman accidentally killed (or thought they killed?) La Sombrerbra.

Plot SynopsisEdit

Some kinda time before Shit Cops Now, Blazer and Snowman were still alive and I guess they were friends with La Sombrerbra. But one day, they got into an argument about how Snowman thinks that Blazer could be a model and that's how they could pay the electric bill. At the climax of their fight, they both shouted and then La Sombrerba done died. Then, this crazy cardboard box showed up and out came The Wizard. The Wizard stuffed her body in the box and tried to take her away. But then Snowman stole the box. Maybe later on after the credits he got it back?






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