Portrayed by KLM
Appearances Shit Cops Now
Dead Guys Before
Affilitations Snowman
Status Dead (choked)

Blazer is some guy? What the fuck's his deal? Who fuckin' knows?

Personal LifeEdit

"Keith, your character rides motorcycles for a living" -John Sokolis (outtake)


Blazer got killed by El Sombrerbro when El Sombrerbro just gonna choked em.


Blazer is pretty good at fighting, he also yells no and it makes people hesitate for a second cause they're like shit man why you yellin man stop it.


At the time of his death, Blazer wore

  • Safety goggles
  • Crazy red jacket thing

Young Blazer wore

  • Glasses
  • Red dress shirt
  • Red blazer (that's also his name)

Appears inEdit


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